Amb. Chabaka Kilumanga


Ambassador Chabaka F Kilumanga, was born on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in the late fifties. As he joined the Tanzanian Foreign Service in October 1984, and later on decorated with the Highest Civilian Medal of Honor.

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Mr. George Mziray

Executive Director

Mr. George is a senior consultant in Tanzania with over 25 years of progressive experience in conducting social development consulting work related to agriculture, financial inclusion, health and microfinance, naming a few.

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Mr. Aziz Kilonge

Director of Operations and Programmes

Mr. Kilonge is an expert in Procurement and Management related disciplines with extensive experience gained over more than 33 years that he has practiced and worked for various organizations.

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Ms. Mourine Msangi

Legal Counsel

Ms. Mourine-Hawa Zahor Msangi is the founder and Executive Director of Legal and Advocacy Centre Initiative [LACI]. She has a vast experience working in the NGO sector for more than 10 years.

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Ms. Diana Mushi

Social worker

Ms. Diana F Mushi is a social worker by profession. She successfully graduated from Institute of Social Work (2020) and was awarded the best active member certificate by the Social Work Club.

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